What makes a house sustainable?

Materials (environmentally friendliness level, recycled or reclaimed), construction processes, effective use of natural elements and resources, energy efficiency ratings and passive design to name a few.

How does the design and construction process differ from other homes?

Timing of works based on materials and impact of external factors particularly the supply of the materials chosen. The task is to incorporate as many clever design principles as possible to create a usable and practical built space that acknowledges the location, elevation and immediate surrounding natural environment.

What special requirements or approvals do sustainable homes need to meet?

You need to engage experts in navigating the approvals process, achieving necessary energy ratings and look into the ability to access specialised grants for meeting sustainable build criteria.  Craig Dinte Architects can help guide you through the process whether you are looking for a sustainable house design in Brisbane or Redlands, or further afield.

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Complete off-the-grid living or perhaps just stepping stones to reducing your footprint and minimising impacts on our environment, we have worked on a variety of projects and can offer experience and passion when it comes to sustainable house design.
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When you build or renovate using sustainable building design principles, you create a positive environmental footprint and reduce the impact on the natural surroundings. It might also save you on your energy bills.
When considering sustainability as a factor for your renovation or new home / holiday cabin build, there are many factors to think about- the right design for your land and location, materials that have been recycled, upcycled or have a minimal impact on habitats and even the construction processes.

How can you use the sun to warm your home, create light filled spaces and generate power, or perhaps capture the breeze to cool the house in summer, collect the rain for your gardens and what kind of recycling options are there for waste? These are just the tip of the iceberg. With plenty of ‘off the shelf’ options available through to bespoke designs maximising the opportunities to create a positive change.

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