A practical and modern sport clubhouse design helps to grow club membership and makes hosting functions easier.


From a local BMX clubhouse to large PCYC multi-function building, we enjoy the complexities of designing a community-focussed sporting space.

Designing and planning flexible and versatile sporting facilities is the key to building a community facility that encourages active lifestyles.

Whether you are upgrading the entry foyer, considering a new clubhouse, or considering a larger multi-functional community venue, it is important for us to understand a few things before we get started.

  • Who will the main users of the space be? 

  • Is it specific for a sporting activity (eg martial arts), or multi-functional?

  • Combination of indoor and outdoor?

  • Does the project rely on government funding?


Whether it be a small sporting clubhouse or large community complex, it is important for the building to be easily identified.  Both for the purpose it was built for and to offer a connection to its members and the identity of the club/s or group/s that use it.

Many clubs and groups have strong ties to their history and to the community, how can we reflect this in the identity of the building?


Safety needs to consider not only the users and the activities they will be undertaking there but also the viewing and visiting public.  It is important to understand the space, and link this to the local council building regulation and requirements.  Safety of members, guests and staff is paramount to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment.


Accessibility covers a wide range of areas.  Accessibility for staff, members and guests.  Are the walkways, ramps and accesses compliant? Is the carpark functional and easy to get in and out of? Access to toilets and facilities, the reception desk is it too high to see over? What makes your facility stand out not to mention is it easy to get to in general?  Where are you located? Is the driveway off a busy road, will people be able to find you?


Do you need wide open, unobstructed areas? Or can we use a more traditional design including columns? The number of users, the usage and local government legislation will affect the facilities required – i.e. the toilets, showers, change rooms, even down to the kitchen, canteen or reception facilities, disability access, child care options and safety concerns.

To start the journey in designing the ideal sporting-related facility, we would encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation. Here we would talk through each of the factors above, understand your budget, timeframes and then put together a project plan that focuses on transparency and communication.

Multi-functional building design, particularly community sporting related is complex in theory. CDA have been involved for many years in a variety of design tasks: from minor colour and material recommendations for entry foyers, specific clubhouse design through to large scale master planning exercises.  We understand the complexities of getting these projects off the ground, including the many stakeholders involved, the often long process of obtaining funding, and gaining the trust from the community as a place for safe social activities.  We understand that different sporting activities have different requirements, but the underlying principles are common…to allow many ages and cultures to engage in a social sporting environment.

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