Making amenities not-so-humble

Remember when only the naughty kids were the ones that hung out around the amenities block? Or was that the cool kids? Either way, the amenities block was always out of the way, stand alone and just seemed to have been plonked on the edge of the field or at the back of the main buildings.

Understanding an amenities block has a practical job to do for your club/sporting field. It no longer needs to be the ugly and smelly cousin that no one likes to hang out with! At CDA we are looking at ways to incorporate functionality, colour, organic curves and angles to make the humble amenities block stand out from the crowd.

There are so many recreational clubs and sporting organisations that may not have the funding to have a dedicated large clubhouse. With amenities being a necessity, why not consider an attractive concept that creates ownership and identity for the club.

Whether you are building new or replacing an old tired Besser brick number, you need to create a space that is not only functional but also light and airy, with natural ventilation. Each of our designs allows for multiple functions. For example: toilets, change rooms, drinking fountains and showers or perhaps adding external showers for mud/sand removal, an area to hose off equipment, storage space for maintenance equipment and making use of the large roof space for water and solar collection. You can fit a lot on a small footprint!

Your amenities block doesn’t need to be dark and dingy. In fact, it needs to be the complete opposite. Accessible, safe and easily identifiable from a distance. It is a necessary piece of infrastructure supporting your members and visitors, a building that receives a high volume of traffic so why hide it.

CDA have completed several designs recently, showing how your club can reverse the stigma of ugly and unhealthy and instead combine practicality with functionality. Want to know more?

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