A change is as good as a holiday!

CDA has moved! After 20 + years of working from our cozy home office environment it was time to broaden our horizons and move into a bigger space! Over the last few years, CDA has continued to grow, adapt and move in a new direction, with 2019 shaping up with even more exciting projects on the horizon.

It was time for a new vibe, a new location and even new team members! It is exciting for us to welcome Matt to our team as well. Matt joins the team as a mature age student. Someone looking for a change! Working in the building industry for many years, Matt has passion and enthusiasm for this new direction. He stood out as a candidate when I discussed my belief of ‘working with me and not for me’. It is a refreshing way to start the year and we would love for you to drop by and see us some time.

We are still very much in the Bayside area with our new space at 6/135 Bay Terrace, Wynnum.

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