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As Architects, not only do we focus on the client’s design brief but it is a belief that we also must consider both the broader and local regions and communities we are designing for. For example – living in Queensland affords the need for high ceilings, great ventilation and an escape from the heat where as in Victoria we would consider lower ceilings, less overhang on buildings and ways to ensure the heat stays within the building.

This is not only restricted to states but can be further broken into local regions. The designs you find close to the water and bayside here in Redlands offer a different feel than if you were more rural such as a property in Boonah or a sporting clubhouse in Kilcoy.

Environment and location obviously come into play, you can see that easily. A rural homestead vs a beach side house, somewhere to live or somewhere to holiday, availability of resources and local services such as water or power and even the debate between sustainability and conventional on the grid. To be of any value to the user, a building must acknowledge its place and purpose.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my design career has been seeing the variety of projects that come through our studio. Be it a sports and recreational facility Bayside, a holiday home in bushland, a residential extension on acreage, a new small lot home inner city or an administration building in a rural setting. Each of these locations allow us to explore and establish a footprint that is ideal for not only the client but marries with the local community and environment.

When looking to engage an architect, we here at CDA believe that you need someone who has a variety of experience and a portfolio of projects that show versatility and understanding of who, what and where they are building. There is no point in designing an amazing recreational building with a full wall of glass windows if the orientation is west or perhaps a front façade featuring ornate metal objects in a cyclone prone region. Understanding the community, the environment and the use of the building all interact to create the design solution that is not only visually appealing but also functional and practical.

CDA are located bayside in the glorious natural setting of the Redlands. We have a passion for variety. Not only in locations but also in projects – be it a new build, a renovation, a recreational or sporting related facility, commercial or residential we welcome the opportunity to show you what a truly local and Queensland based firm can offer.

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