Creating collective work environments

In recent years there has been an influx of collective work hubs. From the humble converted Queenslander, formal traditional office spaces and boardrooms, through to the grand open spaces of an old warehouse. Collective work environments offer an opportunity for like-minded people to work in close proximity, sharing creative energy whilst reducing overheads of running a small business.

The way we do business and who we do business with has changed in the past 2 decades. More and more people are choosing to work for themselves, starting smaller family/service orientated businesses. These changes reflect a move in our thinking for work/life balance and when starting out most of these businesses are run from the spare room, the home garage or sharing a space in your living room. Hence the need for collective ‘hubs’ was born.

These ‘hubs’ offer an amazing opportunity for those who have commercial space that is currently sitting dormant or possible needs a face lift. When thinking of creating a space you need to look at who you want to target? Are you looking to attract creative clients, small business clients or professionals looking for a ‘satellite’ office?

Think about the space you have on offer, how you can create a mix of multi-function work desks, private offices, boardrooms, common space meeting and kitchen facilities or do you need open plan, large desks for laying out artwork or plans.

Will your space be on trend and capture a younger market or are you looking to attract corporate clients who require smaller formal meeting rooms, conference call facilities and high-speed internet?

Collective work environments are on the increase. Small businesses are not looking to be locked into long term leases or contracts and are keen to keep overheads low yet sometimes working from home can be isolating, not to say sometimes inconvenient for work/life balance.

If you are looking to create a space to attract a wide variety of tenants – either on a month-to-month basis or small short-term lease, CDA can offer creative input into the design but also practical advice around services you need to offer, permits required and help connect you with industry specialists to attract the right mix for your space. Creating a versatile, multi-use space may be the answer for the commercial or investment property that needs a new lease on life!

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