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Why do I need an architect? Why can’t I just use a draftsman or a builder? What about an off-the-shelf design? Here at CDA we get asked these questions all the time! All are very valid questions, our response…. Absolutely you can BUT engaging a professional with experience in their field is the difference between ‘ok’ and ‘wow’. You also have the opportunity to custom design.

With nearly two decades as both an architect and a qualified builder I ‘have been around’. Not wanting to tag myself as ‘old’ however every experience is an education, a stepping stone to adding value and moving forward. The current structure of CDA was born from seeing a gap in the market and my own frustrations.

Qualifying originally as Architect, I quickly became dismayed from the quality of both physical construction from builders working on my designs and also their poor ability to communicate (without yelling!) with the client and trades. Later registering as a builder, I was often confused with poor design solutions and insufficient detailed plans presented to me from a client. The reason for such was becoming a common answer…the client wanted to save $ and did not understand the long-term value of a well-designed and documented building. Hence, the vision of CDA was formed.

These days I am off the ‘tools’ and totally focussed on the operation of our Architectural studio. When sitting with potential clients, I firmly believe that my ‘niche’ are the honest experiences I can walk them through during their project. A respected Architect that has a long history of ‘physically’ building (not just standing back project managing). I have an understanding and respect for complexities of the building industry. It is stressful for a client to have an idea come to reality. Yet I can walk with them, communicating from both sides of the coin (design and construction). I stand before a client with a catalogue of built projects and a wealth of understanding when identifying changing trends and working with all areas of trade.

I truly believe in the importance of communication and collaboration. These are key building blocks (pardon the pun!) to any relationship but even more so when you are engaging someone in a professional manner. Long standing relationships with reputable and professional consultants and contractors along with an ability to understand all sides of the project – from a design and construction point of view are invaluable when working with a client.

So, when asking – Which architect will I use? Look at not only their qualifications, professional membership and so on but also their portfolio of projects, the variety of projects and jump on and read their reviews! Referrals and word of mouth are powerful tools. CDA prides themselves in providing creative solutions and quality service no matter the size of the project.

Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonial page or better still google reviews!

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