First impressions ALWAYS count.

The age old saying of ‘make a great first impression’ is what comes to mind when you step into the newly renovated foyer of the Redlands PCYC. The PCYC has been at the heart of our local area for many years, starting out small and growing into the bustling community hub that it is today. Instrumental in changing the face of the Redland’s PCYC is local Sergeant Graham Pearse who has been at the helm for over 13 years. It is his commitment and understanding of the importance that the Centre plays in our community, along with a core group of highly dedicated people who not only have big hearts but also share his passion and drive, that have made the many fundraising activities and social awareness campaigns successful.

It is through these activities and Grant Funding that the Centre has been able to engage local resident and long-time participant of the Club, Craig Dinte of Craig Dinte Architects, to transform the centre into a vibrant and welcoming building right from the moment people walk up to the front door. Armed with the belief that good functional design need not come from costly or complex ideas, Mr Dinte has worked closely with Sergeant Pearse to create a fresh-faced foyer to compliment his original extension of the multi-activity gym space and entrance that was added nearly 10 years ago.

‘It has been a pleasure watching the Centre grow and change and to be instrumental in creating spaces to facilitate the growth. We have a strong interest in sport and recreation design, alongside our residential work, and it gives us a sense of pride to be working on a project close to home and supporting our local community’, said Mr Dinte, ‘It really has given the Centre a new lease on life.’

With 56 clubs in Queensland alone, the PCYC is the perfect example of local drive and passion working hand-in-hand with the Police Service. Encouraging positive relationships and strengthening community spirit through offering a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the local area to participate in sports and activities.

Support Local!

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