All good things come in small packages…Our path of ‘small space architecture’

Well, that’s what I have always been led to believe! Shipping container conversion is gaining momentum. A few years ago there were a small handful of us that latched on to the idea of converting a seemingly uninteresting ‘transportation box’ into a functional and desirable living space, now it is a multimillion dollar business. Gone are the days of the boring ‘site office or donga’, enter creative thinking ‘inside the box’.

With a passion for simple living and the re-interpretation of disused / discarded materials, our office has had a growing interest in the liveability of small spaces. Whether it is for a teenage retreat, an art studio, granny flat, weekend getaway or perhaps an opportunity to downsize, the conversion of shipping containers has captured the eye of an increasing audience – some of whom strongly believe in recycling and sustainability and others who have been drawn into the ‘latest trend’. No matter which side of the coin, repurposing and reusing existing structures to meet the growing need for smarter use of space allows us to explore a different side to housing and push the boundaries on what is truly needed for ‘happy living’.

I am an Architect and Builder that loves to experiment with the textures of materials, individually and through combination. This goes beyond touch or sight. It’s a deeper sense of place and often history, an ageing architecture, knowing that we are here at this moment. Many have been before and many will come after. I enjoy old buildings, old cars, old furniture and wares. So many of our projects are renovations, additions to old buildings, or at the very least focus on the re-interpretation of discarded structures. Closely following the trend overseas, the tiny house module utilizing a single shipping container has been an experiment for us. It has encouraged us to think creatively, design smartly and go back to basics of what makes the space functional and sensually soothing.

We have completed a number of these single module conversions, one of which is now an Art Studio for my creative and talented wife, Tina Dinte. Tina’s studio is peacefully located in shaded bushland, allowing her to immerse herself in her uniquely colorful artwork. Our most recently completed container conversion is a perfect example of ‘small space architecture’ at its most functional. It includes a fully functioning kitchen, full size shower, loft bed, open and bright with feature cedar windows, funky fold down table and the inclusion of gas hot water system. You truly are only limited by your imagination on fixtures and fittings for these spaces.

Not only are these ‘pods’ globally available, they are easy to transport and therefore make construction off site an option and relocation simple.

For more information on creating your own unique space contact us @Craig Dinte Architects

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