Are you building a new home in Brisbane or the Redlands?


Are you looking for someone who can push the boundaries when it comes to design while giving you the functionality you need? Craig Dinte Architects can help!


Designing a new home is an exciting prospect. Bringing together all those ideas you’ve gathered to make a unique, functional space that suits your lifestyle requires imagination, knowledge and experience…and we have that.


We’d love to take you through how we create our new home designs.

A new build requires a different approach to a renovation project. The site and local Council zoning will determine what can be built and how the structure and any restrictions need to be considered to take best advantage of natural elements.


We undertake a thorough site investigation to ensure the home you want can be achieved, offering suitable alternatives should the site warrant them. Matching your new home to the block of land impacts on cost of build and time.


With experience as an Architect and Builder, we have a working knowledge, backed with the support of local professionals to help you understand the processes and be aware of possible additional costs.  We offer guidance with:


  • Engaging other professionals (eg Structural Engineer, Private Certifier)

  • Obtaining Town Planning approvals (DA)

  • Obtaining Building approvals with the local Council (BA)

  • Engaging a qualified Builder


Craig Dinte Architects has designed many beautiful and functional homes throughout Brisbane and the Redlands. We understand the importance of sustainable building design principles, enjoy re-purposing and recycling materials and employing different construction processes.


New home designs, shipping container conversions and creating pleasing, functional small spaces really excite us and we are very proud of the homes we have created.


If you’re embarking on a new grand design and a bespoke, comprehensive partnership appeals to you, please call us for an over-the-phone consultation.


We’d love to help bring your ideas to life!
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