Looking for a experienced architect / builder to renovate your home in Brisbane or the Redlands?


Craig Dinte Architects offers a hands-on collaborative approach to home renovations. Whether you are simply adding a room or totally redesigning your home, we spend time walking through your ideas and offering design solutions to ensure you understand each step of the process.


Engaging a professional to help you achieve your dream home is one way to reduce stress and limit the nasty surprises when you try to start moving walls around or raising your home.


When considering a renovation, no matter how small, think about these key things:

Consider how long the project will take, the time of year best suited for the renovation to be undertaken, impact from uncontrollable external factors such as weather or illness, what you are prepared to live with and what your expectations are.


Determine up front what your budget is, be prepared for contingency spending and ensure a mortgage or building loan is in place and accessible; your budget will determine what you can achieve but creative thinking can ensure you get the functionality you want from your renovation.


Be clear with how you want your renovation to look and function when it’s completed but be prepared to compromise and problem-solve if the renovation throws a few curve balls.

Craig Dinte Architects will work in partnership with you to develop a suitable works plan that meets your needs and help plan your budget to ensure you can achieve the renovation result you desire. The process is all about collaboration, communication and transparency. This is your home - your space - and we are committed to ensuring the project, from the time you walk through our office doors to delivery of your new space, meets your expectations.


If you’re planning a renovation, no matter how big or small, call us for an over the phone consultation and we’ll help you get started.
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