Are you looking for new home designs or renovation ideas perfect for acreage in Gumdale, Redland Bay, the western suburb of Anstead, or anywhere else with a big block?


Whether you already have the land and are looking for a new build, thinking about a renovation or are just starting your journey to a tree change, Craig Dinte Architects has the experience and understanding to help with your acreage home design.


There are a number of things to consider when creating the perfect home to complement the open spaces and rural back drop of our Brisbane and Bayside suburbs. Having an architect work with you can help to eliminate some of the hidden surprises. Are you adding a verandah, extending an existing home, creating a teenage retreat or granny flat, modernising an existing brick home or a complete new build?

Here are the top five things to think about:

Council Approvals

Not only for the build but for clearing the land. Are there any zoning restrictions or conservation plans which may affect what and where you can build on your land?

Service Connections

If you have a vacant block of land, have you looked at service connections – water, power, phone, internet. Are these services already connected or will you need to pay extra?

Fire Protection and Insurance Costs

What kind of restrictions are there around the size of clearing around the house? Have you thought about designing or using materials that are fire retardant? Does this affect your insurance premiums?

Hidden Costs

New fencing, adding pumps, sprinkler systems, drainage. Will clearing the land affect the natural slope of your property?


What types of material do you want to use and how available are they? Also what is access like to the property for deliveries and construction equipment.

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With new builds there are plenty of ‘off the shelf’ ideas we can start working with and adding to. However, with a renovation we need to walk through your ideas and investigate what is structurally possible to the existing home.

People make the move to acreage for many reasons. Mainly for the open spaces, quieter lifestyle and rural living, remember your neighbours have done the same thing. It is important to be mindful of the impacts that your project may have on your neighbours’ land and home. As with any new build or renovation having a professional to guide you through the process can prepare you for a realistic understanding of the processes and timeframes involved.

Craig Dinte Architects are based in Capalaba and enjoy the acreage lifestyle of the Redlands area. Their local knowledge and appreciation of open spaces make them the perfect fit for creative thinking when it comes to your home.
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